Angular Schematics - Pro edition

Ultimate Angular code generation in Visual Studio Code

This is the Pro edition of the Angular Schematics extension for Visual Studio Code.

  • Boost your productivity by never writing the same code twice and never having to type a command line.
  • Share the same good practices and architecture across your team.

Why a Pro edition?

While this extension is very popular, with nearly 1 million installations, it is not a tool developed by the Angular team or affiliated to Google in any way.

It is months of unpaid work by a single contributor.

So feel free to enjoy advanced features and support a contributor at the same time! πŸ’–

Try the Pro edition now!

Upon subscription, you will get a license that you can activate directly into VS Code, in the same Angular Schematics extension you already love. It can be used on 1 computer at a time (you can change of computer at any time).

There is a free period trial.

And to celebrate the Angular renaissance, price is currently 50% off (just add "ANGULAR-RENAISSANCE" discount in checkout form if you do not already see the discount). πŸŽ‰

Pro edition features

Additional schematics

While Angular CLI laid the foundations of schematics generation, so much more can be automated. The Pro edition adds more schematics, so your every day work is simplified as much as possible:

  • page with route automation
  • synchronous reactive service with Signals
  • asynchronous reactive service with RxJS
  • more are coming and you can also ask for more!

Standalone components done right

Angular 14 introduced standalone components, with the official intent to simplify things by getting rid of NgModules. But it also means that now, you have to import everything single component, directive or pipe you use in every component.

The Pro edition allows you to directly pick the components, directives and pipes you need. Currently, it supports:

  • Angular (NgIf, NgFor, RouterLink, FormsModule,...)
  • Ionic module and standalone components
  • Material modules and standalone components
  • PrimeNG modules
  • Kendo Angular modules
  • Ng and ngx bootstrap modules
  • Ngx translate module
  • and many other UI libraries

If your project uses other Angular libraries you would like to be added, just ask!

Custom schematics

The Pro edition allows you to create your own schematics. It is not just about saving time with some code snippets, it is also a way to enforce good practices in a project and share knowledge across a team.

  • Dynamic code templates while staying as easy to create as a static code snippet
  • Templating syntax widely known and natively supported by VS Code: Handlebars
  • Just a declarative configuration file (no headache logic code like in Angular CLI or Plop)

Legacy schematics

Maintaining legacy features has a cost. The Pro edition includes:

  • component, directive and pipe with NgModules
  • NgModule of routing
  • NgModule of declarations (components, directives, pipes)
  • Class guard, resolver and interceptor

Unit testing, the right way

By default, Angular CLI adds a spec file for each thing you generate. It is questionable for several reasons. With the Pro edition, you can generate spec files only when relevant: just right-click your component / service / whatever, choose the "Unit test" schematic, and the according unit test will be added!


Using entry files (index.ts, also called barrels)? How many times did you forget to export a new thing you added? With the Pro edition, when generating something inside a folder with an entry file, you will be asked if it is public or private: if you choose "Public", the newly generated thing will automatically be added to index.ts.

Also, you can predefine schematics in each folder. Combined with custom schematics, you can use that to enforce a whole architecture across your team.

All memberships include a 1 month free trial

You'll get:

License key
1 user
€49 a year

Angular Schematics - Pro edition