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Schematics Pro v2.2: React, Vue & custom schematics

In the last post, I promised Schematics Pro v2.0 was just the foundations and the next iteration would be soon, and here it is: v2.2.

React & Vue schematics

You read well: Schematics Pro now includes schematics to generate React and Vue components! With already several options available:

  • component or function notation for React
  • styles choice for React (css, scss, css modules, styled-components)
  • options or composition API for Vue
  • page schematic for Ionic with Vue

Create your own schematics

The schematics you want are not yet in Schematics Pro? No problem: now you can create your own schematics in just a few minutes. A new command will ask you basic information (name, file type, etc.) and then you just have to write the code you want. With a templating syntax very simple, widely known and natively supported by VS Code: Handlebars.

You will find full documentation directly inside Schematics Pro. Also, a blog post will be posted soon presenting this feature in a less technical way, because custom schematics are not just about some code snippets to save you time. Combined with other Schematics Pro features, custom schematics can help you really take the lead of a project, by enforcing good practices and a whole architecture.

What's next?

More schematics are coming, for all major JavaScript tools: components libraries (Stencil, Lit, Svelte...), NestJS, Ionic and more.

No yet a Schematics Pro user? Get it now!

Schematics Pro v2.0

Schematics Pro early access release!

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