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Schematics Pro early access release!

I'm very proud to announce the release of Schematics Pro.

If you read this, you are probably part of the 650 000 installations of the free open source Angular Schematics extension for Visual Studio Code.

If you are not, a short summary: Angular and Ionic are frameworks to build applications. It's a lot more work than just a few bits of jQuery: you have to create hundred of modules, components and services.

There are 4 ways to do this (from the slowest to the quickest):

  • manually from scratch, rewriting all the boilerplate code everytime
  • via snippets: as they are static, there is still a lot to do manually
  • via Angular CLI: more powerful, but still tedious: you have to type a long and error-prone command line
  • via the Angular schematics extension for VS Code: just right-click the destination folder, and start coding (no command line!)

Schematics Pro is an extended version of the Angular Schematics extension for VS Code, and the next level of Angular developer experience. While increasing productivity and enforcing good practices even more, it also contains new aspects like helping you build a solid and scalable architecture.

Get Schematics Pro now!

Schematics Pro v2.2: React, Vue & custom schematics

Schematics Pro v2.0

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