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Schematics Pro v2.0

It's been quite some time since the last release of Schematics Pro, because of a massive rewrite of the extension, which took some time (the Pull Request was +4,337 / −24,057 lines, so you have an idea).

The initial Angular Schematics extension was built as a visual interface in Visual Studio Code on top of Angular CLI. While Angular CLI was an amazing initiative, it's also very complex and not too much documented for tools authors. For the extension, it means an excessively complex code, and a lot of difficulties to expand with new features.

Due to unexpected technical issues, developing the first version of Schematics Pro led me to code a proper schematics generator. Which removed so many issues: no need of a terminal (so no shell issues), no need to look inside node_modules (so no pnpm or yarn issues), no need for a global Angular CLI. And of course, it's faster.

But it was done by reproducing the same Angular CLI features with the VS Code API, so it was still tied to Angular projects. What I didn't realized at that time is that it opened the path to not be dependent on Angular at all.

So here it is: Schematics Pro v2.0.

You'll find all the technical and breaking changes directly inside the extension change log.

You'll notice differences in the interface right away, but you may think there is not so much in terms of new features, and you would be right. I wanted to do a release so you don't wait too long, but what is interesting is what this release allows and will come very soon:

  • Schematics for React, Vue, NestJS and more: any schematics are possible now.
  • Custom schematics: a new format allows you to create your own schematics in a few minutes, full documentation coming soon.

And while you don't see it, the code is so much simpler now, it will speed up iterations. So look forward version 2.1 soon.

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